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17 November 2013

The Mark of a Spiritual Being

Souls come to Earth to live a spiritual life in human form. But, once they come, they get so distracted on the many choices before them. Does it matter they had eight children instead of two, or they work at another job than their true talents could support them? Ah, the matter lies in the question, “Did they live a spiritual life in human form?” That is the telling result.


It makes no matter what your life entails. The difference is how you live your life – with love, integrity, and compassion. This is the mark – the true telling of one’s truth. The impact of love matters not if a few are touched or a few million are touched. It is the fulfillment of a spiritual life in whatever human choices are presented. So, with this, does it matter you work for Company X, enjoy hiking each weekend, or write the minutes from your group meetings?


What matters is - do you ask for guidance, learn the Spiritual Laws and Principles and apply them in your life? If so, then the circle of connectedness and application of your spiritual abilities will grow exponentially.


View each day as a gift – another day to embrace the love and light and carry it into your world. Be creative! 


~ An Unknown Angel ~

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