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31 December 2014

October through December 2014 – “The Dry Months”

Dear Spiritually Speaking Weblog Readers,

The last quarter of 2014 was a very busy and challenging time in my personal life. I simply did not make the time to be still - with pen in hand - to add to the Spiritually Speaking Weblog.

Life has been good, just busy. But now, as the new year begins, many commitments and distractions have found an enriching completion. Therefore, my pen is no longer “dry,” but will flow with even more messages from Archangel Gabriel and many others within the Angelic Realms.

Was I blocked from the “angelic touch?” Absolutely not! - as they are with me constantly. It merely was to sit and write to post for the weblog. In truth, I called on them for my own life situations – nothing of interest to share through this weblog!

I do feel there is “magic in the air” for 2015. My choice is to tap into the magic and share whatever messages are presented. I challenge each of you to do the same - tap in and find those moments of clarity and peace!

~ Cathleen ~

28 September 2014

Light to Nourish Your Soul

Bring the light in each day. You may breathe it in, or visualize it around you, or feel it as a connection to God, the Creator. Feel the flow of love and peace as it fills your empty spaces and warms your heart. See it as a “light blanket” – providing warmth, security, protection – very soothing to the soul.

The light truly is what nourishes you at a soul level. You may see the light as a brilliant white for clearing or other colors of light for healing – gold for transformation, emerald green for finding balance, pink for peace, or scarlet for charging your soul’s passion. Each carries a different frequency, sound, and energy. Seek out the many sources of light to assist you.

Bring the light into your world.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

07 September 2014

A Slightly Different Step for Change

Many souls these days desire to make a difference in their personal lives. A need to make change is recognized. Souls are presented with opportunities each day – the thought comes to change a pattern, the idea on how to change it, but the implementation is lacking. The impetus behind the change simply is not enough to motivate.

Change does not need to come from crisis mode functioning. Change can be implemented with ease – a slightly different step which creates a new force of movement for a greater good.

Dear ones, you know those times you hesitate. The times you go through daily motions and in an instant you realize an improvement can be made to align your inner knowing with your outside world. Is it a change to save a natural resource or a morning prayer to start your day? Begin to see each opportunity as a means for making positive change within your daily life.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

21 August 2014

The Lighted Ones

These times are indeed confusing for many. Much unrest in your world, and yet many are seeing from a higher perspective – trying to make sense of the chaos presented.

Send love and light to those darker places on Earth where the drama and karmic activity unfolds. Be present in your own lives by bringing in the light and love of God, the Creator, to assist you in your everyday activities.

Know you are the vessel of the Christ Consciousness to raise the vibration of all those around you. The light you bring, share, and radiate affects all around you. You many not notice or perceive it matters, but the unseen affect is indeed what raises the energy and vibration of those around you. Trust this to be true.

Hold love and light in your hearts. You are the lighted ones, the light beings, the light bringers to your world.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

03 August 2014

The Consciousness of Love and Peace

We are here – the spirit realm is full of love and light and many who are assisting those among the Earthly plane. Also, within this realm are the souls who have crossed and are here for healing from the human lives once lived. Many choose to return to Earth within a human body, but many also wish to stay for training or discovery.

Higher within the spirit realm – in terms of frequency and light quotient - there is a place or plane of the Angelic Hosts. This consists of angels, Ascended Masters, and those who exist within the Creator Consciousness of the Christ Spirit – the Consciousness of Love and Peace. It is here your heavenly helpers reside. The human soul can – through practice and training – raise their own consciousness to move up to these higher realms to communicate with the angels, and Ascended Masters for assistance, communication, and understanding of what it is to carry the Christ Consciousness within their human bodies.

By following the Law of Love and the Law of One, human souls practice living fully connected to the spiritual planes while living a human existence on Earth. Many within your world are learning to do so. More and more humans are choosing to see life from this higher state of understanding. This is a choice for humans to live with the Christ Spirit within them. It is through this intention your world will transform to a loving and peaceful world.

Carry these thoughts within you. Connect to the Christ Consciousness of love and peace. Let peace and love guide your choices and live with your human understanding.

Choose a lighted path connected to Christ Consciousness. Be among those who are helping to transform your world.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~