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15 March 2015

One Minute Tune-Ups

Dear Ones,

We are here; take time to notice - these Halls of Light are peaceful and full of love and light. Many here exist within the Realms of Angelic Consciousness. We are the chosen to serve God, the Creator. We uplift hearts and minds of all life on Earth. We are always present - ever present. Just call on us and we are with you.

As a human on Earth, there are many distractions, many different option or choices, many ways to be “too busy” in making these connections. But, just the same, there are many quiet moments when the time to connect is possible. Make this an intention to find many of these moments throughout your day.


These moments are welcomed by many in spirit. Think of these as ”one minute tune-ups” a moment to re-charge the love and light of God, the Creator, within you.


You are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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