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11 February 2015

Spring in Your Heart

Dear Ones:


Just as there are seasons in nature - when plant life is born in spring, and matures through growth in the summer, and ages to harvest in the fall, and becomes dormant in winter - so do all human life cycles follow this pattern. The magic is not to look at age as in years on Earth, but to look at the measurement of life expectancy within your hearts.


Is your life in the “birthing and youth” cycle of spring? Happy to explore, discover, and be thrilled at what you find? You can be any “season” you desire. Some actually follow the cycles of the moon and the seasons upon your earth. You can always choose - such as “spring” in your heart, your mind, and what you manifest in your world.

So, “spring” into action, dear ones. May your hearts be merry and light and rejoice in what is around you. Create newness and expectancy of great beauty and peace within your world.

Each are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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