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24 January 2015

The "God-ness" at All Times

My dear Earth Angels,

The advice within each message is general enough, but speaks directly to your heart. Know not every life path is easy. Many are challenged and some take more time to find the light within for guidance at all times.

Many compartmentalize – God is in one aspect of their life, but not all aspects; sort of a “God at will.” A human - when God is convenient – has the goodness flow through them. And, at other times, their own will or their “little wills” drive them. These are old patterns and very resistant to change. Have all patience on your part for each soul to find the “God-ness at all times” to enlist within all thoughts and activities of their life.

You know this; you understand this. But, you realize it is very hard to watch as the results are inconsistent and detrimental for the souls to move forward on their spiritual paths. It simply becomes their journey.

Learn to use the tools to keep you connected to God’s light. Some tools are quick to use – for those “quick fixes” needed to keep your sanity within those difficult times and encounters.

Know you are blessed and surrounded by many angels at all times.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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