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12 May 2012

Integration of the Divine

Dear Ones:


Many of you are recognizing old behavior patterns. You still feel the need to express them, but at the same time, you are cognizant they are not expressing the expanded consciousness you know you carry. Ask to align to your higher self. Again, intention is key. Ask for your higher self to lead the way in all you do. It will simply become you, and you will live with the “Christed” energy of the Divine within you.


The world may appear as “normal,” but many are feeling the restlessness of something beyond what is seen – an anticipation, but with no comprehension of what it may be or become. Simply know the integration of the higher self – the Divine self – in the human body is taking place. Know that many are going through similar changes; it is a time of alignment for many.


Hold fast to these thoughts as they will manifest your new world.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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