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26 May 2013

Hidden Truths are Surfacing

Pay attention to the headlines of the news reported. Notice how the truths of what has been below – hidden from view – are suddenly surfacing. No more hiding, no more deception. The truths are being uncovered to reveal the manipulation of so many due to greed and a false sense of sovereignty over areas of trade, business, and finance.

Also know that other hidden truths are surfacing. Artifacts, records, and new discoveries from old world cultures will come to light as well. This will be a time of a great unveiling that will be shifting perceptions and beliefs. It will be unsettling to many.

Keep your connection to God as your source of love and light strong during this time. With so many things surfacing long kept hidden, the many surprises and shifts of perception will make the world as you know it suddenly take on a new appearance.

Seeing the truths for what they are will cause many to doubt, many to falter. Keep your heart open and know this is simply a great purging to unveil the true facts of your present and past. Anticipate many surprises.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~  


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