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03 March 2009

Natural Law

Natural Law is the way God intended life to be – providing order to the universe. Many had difficulty understanding these laws and tried to apply them to fit their own expression of life. Over time, many souls have evolved away from these laws. It is time to go back to the beginning – to understand each law and the principles behind them.

You can look up these laws; there are many sources you can utilize. Read them and become familiar with them. You will notice that each law at the “core” is the catalyst for the spiritual renaissance for enlightenment – to bring mankind back to the basics – back to the way God, the Creator, intended.

As you study these laws, think about how they can be applied in your own lives. What spiritual practices can you adapt to bring you in line with these principles? For each law, you may write down those things you can do to practice incorporating them into your daily life.

This all goes back to simplifying your life – removing attachments and old patterns of thinking that no longer suit you in the new energy. Practice these laws daily. Learn to know them and ask yourself, “Do my actions or thoughts follow this law?” Take on one at a time, if it helps you focus your wish for transformation and change.

Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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