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13 February 2009

A Love Perspective for Choices

Throughout the ages souls evolved – learning through choices in life lessons those things they wished to experience to become a fully evolved soul. The ascension process is no more than coming to an enlightenment where love is foremost in all aspects and the connection to God is felt at all times. It is having God work through you in all matters every day – all the time. To be without fear – to simply trust that everything presented to you is for a purpose and is in the “now” or moment where your focus simply is. It is living with peace and love each day.

In the new energy, you can reach ascension and remain within your physical bodies – your “garments” you have taken on while embodied on earth. More and more souls will be reaching the levels of ascension which will raise the vibration and mass consciousness of your planet to a higher level.

Learn to live with no regrets. Lessons were given to you to further you along on your path. It is not necessary to “re-hash” or go over those lessons – trying to second guess if you had made a different choice - done things differently - where other choices would have led you. Accept that each of you is right where you need to be. Who you have become is right and you still have choices resulting in different lessons to either change or keep on the current path you are on.

By bringing in God’s love and light each day, your choices will be made from a higher perspective – not necessarily better - but from a perspective of love, not fear. You can ask that your choices be of "the highest and best good” for your soul and those around you. Let this be your decree or daily intent and trust you will have the appropriate lesson and choices for your soul.

Again, run everything through your heart. Ask, “Is this for me to embrace as truth, or is this for me – my highest and best good?” Feel the vibration in your heart and learn how it feels to be directed and guided from choices made with love.

Do not look back at past mistakes. Who you are now is the key. Yes, you may have experienced a different lesson, or you may not be content with the choices you made, but know without a doubt these experiences are a part of you – who you are now.

Rejoice! You will have opportunities to make choices with the full knowingness of living through love each day. Always know you can ask God and his Divine Realm for help in your life lessons. We will hold your hand; you will never be alone. If you learn how to stay open to our guidance – be at peace and with a focus on love - trust you will be presented with life lessons and choices with God’s loving support.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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