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01 March 2009

Light in Dark Places

Souls in the physical body are placed on Earth to experience God’s abundance - to experience the grandeur of life in the glory and beauty God created. Life evolves around lessons to be learned – the interaction with other souls and soul groups - without the knowledge you are connected to God. You are born into the Earth plane without this knowledge, but you still hold all the tools, or skills, or innate abilities to connect. It is up to each soul to discover. Cycles and cycles of life times are gone through. Each soul evolves based on the lessons planned in the spiritual realm.

The time has come where all souls will be able to make choices in living with love and seeing the “oneness” with all life. Lights are going on all around the world and they are shining on all those dark places normally kept hidden. Old energy patterns in business, finance, government, and other institutions are suddenly “coming to light” on their deception, greed, and selfish ways. These institutions will either crumble, or once exposed will have a change of heart to restructure or reform their energy. Allow time for this to occur. It will happen all around the world.

Many will be challenged. Even those who had made great progress in living with the love of God in their hearts. It will seem all are being tested. Ensure that you are centered and live with love and integrity each day. Any personal challenges are just your own “light” showing you what needs to be properly balanced or aligned in the new energy. Have you lived within your financial means? Have you dealt with honesty and integrity in your relationships? Have you found passion from a job that suits your skills and talents? This new energy will bring to light areas in your life needing your attention.

Despite all chaos and turmoil, find your peace within and keep the connection to God, your Creator, open at all times. Have faith. Ask for God’s love and light to “light” the way in all matters of your life.

You are dearly loved.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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