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17 March 2009

Impacts to Your World

Events are set in motion – the speed of which is open to the consciousness of your planet, your world. As more people embrace living with the connection to God and the oneness of all creation – the vibratory rate will reach critical mass sooner than later. Critical mass is when the vibration of consciousness is raised to over 50% and the energy around is pulled up into the higher vibration.

People are struggling more than ever; keep sending your light out to assist those around you and your world. Be at peace in knowing the events will unfold as part of a master plan – so to speak. Certain energies need to be cleared up before the frequencies and vibratory rates are raised.

Follow your heart in what feels best for you to assist. Be the calm in the storm. Be the example for others to see. Fill your heart with love each day and spread it around. Hold some for yourself as our love and guidance is there to give you peace, courage, hope, and ease during your challenges - either personally or as a witness to others.

Trust you will be protected as your assistance is most needed to bring about the new world – the upliftment of consciousness and the living with oneness on your Earth.

Many, many angels and guides are at your side. We welcome your calls for assistance as we have much love and light to share.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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