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21 September 2013

New Energies Available

Dear Ones:


Are you ready for the next cycle – the new phase yet to unfold? There are new energies available to those who wish to partake of the love and guidance of the heavenly host of angels, guides, and spiritual teachers.


It is through intention you will access this energy. It will be like as you get ready in the morning to start your day, you make choices…on your grooming or clothing for the day. Make the choice to have the love and guidance of spirit as part of your appearance that ignites your heart and becomes your "ensemble of presence" each day.


Do you need angels of joy or guardians of energy around you? Call upon those virtues you feel would assist you in the day that unfolds within your world. Do not get so hung up on the details of the “hows.” How will it happen? How will it unfold? How will I have it present itself in my life?


Trust and be open. You may ask for “energy translators” to assist you. Until you learn the subtleties of energy and read it correctly, ask for angels and guides to help “read” the energy behind what is presented in your personal life and world. Again, be open to the flow of assistance available to all who ask.   


Many are within the heavenly realms to assist each one. Invite us into your lives. Invite us to raise your awareness and make peace within your heart and home, and within every contact you make. Call upon us each day. You are indeed blessed.


May peace and love become you.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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