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12 May 2010

Unconscious Blocks

Many walls and blocks are being perceived around many of the lightworkers. And, needing to find an external cause is the natural reaction. Unconscious blocks are in place, but undetectable in the conscious mind, so fault or blame is looked for as to the cause of the present difficulties.

It is important to ensure that every thought and spoken word is the vibration you choose to attract. Trust that all will fall out or prevail for your personal desires to manifest. So often the little things – actions, ideas, and thoughts – take hold that are not at all in alignment with the overall desires. So, it actually is the wall or block that goes undetected.

This is why manifestation is so important now. Understanding how it really works is key. Critical mass is not fulfilled when there is doubt, or feelings of lack, or unworthiness. In some cases, what comes to the surface is not released. It hangs around your aura and “pollutes” it - in a sense. Auras need to be cleared to release those thought forms and negative attachments.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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