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12 July 2009

Love Energy to Transform Negative Vortexes

Stories have been told over many cycles of time explaining the creation of all life and your universe. Some stories had key elements changed to fit the evolution of a culture and the belief structures. Some were more entertaining than others, but at the heart of each story was the beginning – the “Big Bang” - when all life was formed by God, the Creator. The truth is that all matter and all souls were created instantly and live forever.

All life is connected from this one grand start and throughout time and generations life evolved around all the pieces - all the connecting factors – as what happens to one aspect affects all the other aspects of this whole of life. So think about the cultures and the evolution of species on your planet. When one aspect is changed, it affects all else. You may not notice these changes, but trust the affects are felt by all.

As life evolved, positive and negative energy vortexes were created around your planet. Those who were evolving away from a love-filled life created negative vortexes. Hate, greed, and pillage would affect all those life forms in an area. Whether human, animal, plant – all life form took on the energy. The negative energy vortexes affect the very planet God has given you to experience his abundance.

Mother Earth has helped to lessen these negative vortexes through weather and eruptions in both land and water elements. These “natural disasters” are devastating to all life forms. But, there is purpose to clear these areas – release and transform the negative energy into the positive - a self-healing for planet Earth.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~ 

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