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31 July 2009

Laws of Abundance and Attraction

What can you tell us about the new energy and the Laws of Abundance and Attraction? In the old energy, you were encouraged to ask for what you need, but not for more. Now, it seems you can use these laws and make more out of your life by asking for more. What do you have to share on this?

The Laws of Abundance and Attraction are sometimes intertwined in their interpretations and meanings. Abundance is available to all – there are no constraints or restrictions on how much or who gets abundance. Its supply is readily available and is plentiful for all.

Focusing on a lack or a need for abundance is in itself a “cut off” to the natural flow. It focuses on a need or a lack which in itself is a fear of needing it badly, or not being able to get enough, or a belief there is a limited supply to draw from. Do you see how these thoughts even constrict your heart?

Reprogram your thinking to a constant knowing that abundance naturally comes your way. It is like breathing – a natural supply of air, not limited, and always available. Think on this:  “Abundance is part of my being and God’s gift to all mankind. I am grateful for God’s abundance.” Think of it as an unlimited energy available to all.

Put no parameters on how this abundance will materialize – no dollar amount, no quantity, no pre-conceived shape or form of energy that appears to you naturally. Just feel the abundant and overflowing feeling that all needs are met and will continue to be met.

Abundance is a mindset. Open your heart and feel the love within it – this overflow feeling is the same vibration of abundance. Start feeling this energy around you – it is the loving energy of God forever blessing your life.

The Law of Attraction takes on the energy of whatever you are holding your heart and sending out to those around you. Like attracts like. If love and good energy flows from you – more of the same will you attract.

If you want more love in your life – feel that love in you first and more will return. Become that feeling – that energy – so you will attract it in your life. This applies to people and circumstances, as well. What you project in your life is what is attracted back to you. So, start creating an environment of love within you and without you – your surroundings and all that you encompass. Watch your life transform.

Start with love first. Fill your heart with love. Learn to listen and run things through your heart – in this way you will find your truth – your inner knowing – that you will recognize as your authentic self – your higher self – your Divine self. Once you find your own personal resonance, this will be the frequency at which all energy will transmit from you and you will receive from the universe. This balance – this flow – is simply attracting all the abundance, blessings, and love from the universe.

There will be a constant flow – a current - if you will think of it this way. You will be “plugged in” and you will find you are connected to the love and abundant life flow of God.

~Archangel Gabriel ~

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