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12 July 2009

Experiencing Energy Vortexes

Energy vortexes can be in the air, the land, or bodies of water. They can also be found in man-made structures such as towns, businesses, and institutions. Have you not felt these vortexes as you travel – places that make you feel expansive, loving and joyful, and yet also to places that make you feel constricted, sluggish, or drained?

You understand these feelings through intuition - from a conscious level how your own physical self is reacting or becoming affected by the energy. Start paying attention to how your overall self is perceiving your environment. Subtle clues are there if you choose to listen – just trust you have these innate abilities to discern energy around you.

Your thoughts and intentions are energy, too. You have felt an angry thought or a negative emotion. You also know how it feels to have a loving thought or express compassion and kindness. Think about how this feels in your physical body. So, even within you, you have vortexes of energy just based on the thought or feeling you hold within.

~Archangel Gabriel ~

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