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12 July 2009

A Tool to Clear the Energy

As a human, you are not helpless and can make a difference in helping to clear these negative energy vortexes. You have an innate talent or “tool” to help clear this energy – to actually change a negative draining vortex into an area of loving calm and peace. Just like Mother Earth, you can help clear and renew your planet.

So, how do you clear these negative energy vortexes? You all hold the power to be a creative life force of positive energy. The compassion you feel and the love you send through your heart has mass; it is tangible with transformational qualities. So, when you open your heart to send your love to assist, see the love in your heart and feel the essence of this energy. Send this love energy out and actually place it in those areas you think of – watch it unfold and expand and transform the energy of the surroundings.

You know the troubled places around your world. Simply send your love energy - your loving thoughts and prayers - to those areas on Earth that may attract your attention. When you think of these areas, you may initially see them in their chaos or unease. By sending them your love energy and actually visualize placing it in each environment, the areas will transform and become a vortex of love and positive energy.

By seeing life in the positive, you are helping tremendously in transmuting the negative conditions or energies into positive loving energy vortexes. Do this with each place around the world that your consciousness pulls you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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