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12 July 2009

Examples for Visualization

Say your passion is to assist with world hunger. Send your love energy to those barren fields in your mind’s eye and watch your love energy expand and transform the fields into healthy crops with rainfall to sustain them. See the people in these areas eating, laughing, and with full bellies of nourishment and love. See them rebuilding their homes and towns and helping each other with joy and renewed hope.

If it is politics you are passionate with you can assist here, too. For those governments and rulers who have been in power without compassion – who have governed by fear, greed, and corruption – send them your love energy. Place your love energy in their grand halls where decisions are made and watch the transformation of laws and policies. You can even talk to the rulers’ Divine self with your Divine self and ask them to make decisions for the highest and best good for the people and country they govern.

Watch your love energy soften their hearts - see them transform and make positive choices in their decisions that affect so many. Visualize in your mind’s eye how sweeping their changes are and how the people in their countries are living a happier, more abundant, and joyful life.

If it is a country at war, send your love energy and place it in each soldier’s heart. See them lay down their guns and weapons. See them smiling and offering forgiveness to those they held anger towards. See the people rebuild their war torn towns and tend to their environment by replanting and recreating a life where love is foremost. Do this for each place on Earth where there are warring factions to help transform these areas.

You can also send your love energy to the great councils where world leaders meet – the United Nations, for example. Place your love energy on their conference tables and watch the transformation by seeing all world leaders with a change of heart and a change of agenda to actually work together to bring world peace. Visualize your love energy entering their hearts to bring about a sincere willingness to help each other and bring empowerment to all people.

You can also go to businesses and institutions around the world. Help those who have had little regard for the environment and other resources they have used without heart. See in your mind’s eye their corporate offices and see yourself walk through the doors and place your love energy in their grand foyers. Then, visualize transformation. See them become a company with heart and compassion for their employees and the products and services they provide. See these changes affect their distribution markets and see the love energy spread to all their contacts world-wide.

You can do this with manufacturing companies. Send your love energy and place it in the factories. See them making products that are Earth friendly – a better use of resources so as not to pollute or use up the Earth with no regard for the animal, plant, or human life on land, water, or air.

See transformation in the food processing industry. Place your love energy in the processing plants and visualize swift changes. See fewer chemicals, additives, and other harmful ingredients removed from your food. See a healthier, more natural way of processing developed for your consumption. Go even further and see people eating the food and it nourishing their bodies by the love energy placed within the food.

You can do this with world farming, and the cattle or poultry, and other agricultural industries. Send your love energy to those areas and place it on the ground to touch Mother Earth. See the companies change from a high pesticide and soil stripping process to an environmentally friendly way to raise healthy food for world consumption. Also see the animals and wild life treated more humanely and not confined to artificial environments and given artificial additives that negatively affect the animal species and become ingested by the human population.

You can even send love energy to financial and world banking industries. Place your love energy in each world bank. See them transform from controlling and monopolizing economic flow to allowing for the creative use of the money to benefit all of mankind. See an equalization of world wealth as there is no shortage of abundance – it is an equal exchange of energy – available to all.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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