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12 July 2009

Use This Tool for Yourself and Your Environment

And, as you assist the energy around the world, you can do the same for the energy in your own surroundings. There is no end to how this tool can be used to transform energy vortexes from negative to positive. Visualize your love energy at each entry into your home. Visualize making conscious choices on the products and people you allow into your home. Buy healthy food for your family, and encourage open hearts and love between family members.

Find creative ways to run your home by using energy efficient or natural energy sources. Ensure whatever you bring into your home is made from love with the intent to be utilized to help raise the vibration of the love energy quotient for your family. You can also change the energy of your home by removing clutter, fixing items in need of repair, or a fresh coat of paint to bring new life – new energy - into your spaces.

You can do the same energy practices on your own physical bodies. You can clear yourself from the inside by ensuring love energy is the operating force behind every thought, spoken word, or action. Learn how to live through your heart – run everything through your heart - to feel the energy and learn how it feels to live with love. Set this intent each and every day.

I have given you many examples to show you how far reaching your love energy can be felt and the transformation that is possible. Your intention to visualize the changes is the needed power behind sending love energy to clear the negative energy vortexes. And, as all are connected through energy, a great transformation will be felt by all life forms on your planet. This will allow you to experience life on Earth the way God intended.

Go in Peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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