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27 January 2014


Dear Ones,

Just imagine you are whole, complete, and fully connected to the light of God within you. Your perspective is one of wholeness, Oneness, and the greater plan is part of your blueprint. The higher perspective is fully understood. Does this seem impossible? Is this really so farfetched? Can you not imagine each soul has this understanding, wisdom, and truth within them?

This is the truth. All souls do have access to this greater absolute truth. It is merely setting intentions to align to this information. Calling upon God, the Creator, and the heavenly host of angels to assist is the transformation of each soul.

Set your intentions to connect to the light of God each day. Open up to the goodness, the light, the love and make a difference within your world. Each small step leads to greater unfoldment of bringing peace, love, and beauty to your world.

All are blessed. All are loved. Choose wisely.  

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

18 January 2014

Find the Joyful Things

Dear Ones:

You will find a way to make all things work in your life. Start with those things that make you happy. Do one thing each day that removes the obstacle to make a difference in your life. Find the joyful things you love and place focus on those things. You will find those obstacles are done to simply please others, or no longer a requirement to be fulfilled within your idea of your life plan.

All are blessed, Children of God. All the joys are ready to be found and embraced in your life.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 January 2014

Implement the New Ideas

Dear Ones,

We are here and we welcome you into this space.

Many upon the Earth are being supported by the unseen forces of God, the Creator, and all the heavenly realms of spirit. Those whose hearts have connected – who have ignited the light of love within them - are primed to move forward to implement their innermost desires to bring joy, love, and happiness into their lives.

It is a matter of stepping out of the routine of everyday patterning. Take steps and implement the new ideas and thoughts ready to materialize in your everyday routines. A small change can spark a movement of many more energetically aligned incentives - moving you along – bringing peace into your lives and world.

No longer deny those heart-felt desires of aligning your truth, your hopes, and desires to the greater plan of bringing Heaven to Earth. It is done.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 January 2014

2014 - The Year of Alignment

My Dear Ones:

A new year within the Earth plane is beginning. At this time, many souls anticipate what may unfold. This will be a year of many new announcements from all levels – governments, businesses, religious organizations, and even public and personal lives. An unveiling of truths of behind the scenes workings that can no longer prevail within the new year energies.

All structures will be re-aligning to love, truth, and integrity. Those structures whose missions were built upon falseness, untruths, and not benefiting the greater good of all will diminish their control or impact to your world. This process will unfold as headlines in the news, a rumor that becomes public, a shadow side that becomes revealed. Do not fear this will go down like dominoes; the effects will not topple existing structures but will force a re-alignment to the new year energies.

You see, shifts have been occurring internally within the human hearts. And, as each soul has made adjustments, this will be translated through the work they do – whether within a government, a corporation, a small business, or a school room. A visible external alignment will be implemented because the human heart has already made the internal shifts.

This will be a transformational year. Waves of these alignments will take place within the physical material elements of your world. What was put in place in 2013 allows the changes to begin implementation this year. The year 2014 will be the year that marks the visible Earthly impact of the new energies within human hearts. The internal shifts will have finally transcended and will begin to translate into changes in the world structures that govern your lives.

It will be a clearing alignment – one that sweeps through and occurs on all levels. The personal internal shifts within the hearts of the human souls have longed to see results within all structures within government, big business, small business, even the religious and special interest structures. All will be affected. The point here is, the alignments will be sweeping, but chaos will not result. The alignments are “heart friendly” as each soul will resonate to the overall change. It will carry a “heart resonance” of acceptance to each one.

Those who have not embraced the love energies of transformation within their own hearts will be the ones with a difficult time of embracing the external changes. But, the majority of souls will feel the “Shift of the Ages” is finding or gaining its momentum. It will be an “inherent knowing” and acceptance through faith that the spiritual realms and the souls upon the Earth have begun an alignment.

Human hearts are ready for this unfoldment. Each soul will be able to be more forthcoming about who they are, what they believe, and what they choose to support within their world. Restructuring will be gentle, easy although some disruption will occur. The difference is there will be a knowing that the interruption is temporary until all the pieces line up.

The human population will no longer sit back and allow. A movement towards action and support of the greater good will prevail. Trust this new year has the greatest potential. Support the alignments that allow your heart and soul to sing. Be assured whatever transpires will lead to even greater unfoldment to bring peace to your world.  

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~