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11 January 2014

Implement the New Ideas

Dear Ones,

We are here and we welcome you into this space.

Many upon the Earth are being supported by the unseen forces of God, the Creator, and all the heavenly realms of spirit. Those whose hearts have connected – who have ignited the light of love within them - are primed to move forward to implement their innermost desires to bring joy, love, and happiness into their lives.

It is a matter of stepping out of the routine of everyday patterning. Take steps and implement the new ideas and thoughts ready to materialize in your everyday routines. A small change can spark a movement of many more energetically aligned incentives - moving you along – bringing peace into your lives and world.

No longer deny those heart-felt desires of aligning your truth, your hopes, and desires to the greater plan of bringing Heaven to Earth. It is done.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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