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15 November 2011

Post 11-11-11 Blues?

It seems humanity has been waiting for the 11-11-11 energies and frequencies for some time. And while the energies of the day felt great, why are some still experiencing negative feelings?


Just relax. Your body is simply adjusting to the vibrations. You acknowledge all the feelings of joy, excitement, a connectedness to the bigger plan. But, you are also acknowledging those feelings that may seem out of step to the overall scheme.


Negative thoughts – thoughts and feelings not of the higher vibrations also surface. Know this is also necessary. Simply acknowledge their presence, let go of their affect on you, and call in the love of God to switch the feeling within you. You need not “define” them; just allow them to surface, and bless the experience of being human at this time.


Connect to spirit in whatever way feels right to you. Create variety in how you do this. For every disharmonic feeling, there are just as many ways to switch it around. This is a simple process:  Acknowledge the feelings, recognize the need to transform them, and switch the energy.


Send your silver cord up to the Divine and down to Mother Earth. Staying connected to both energies will allow the flow between Heaven and Earth and allow for more balanced feelings and conditions.


You are not isolated, you are not unloved. All life can tap into the energies to transform your world. Believe you are worthy. Trust in this connection. Allow the Divine to touch your life.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

11 November 2011


Dear Ones,


The events of today are profound. Those who have awakened to the higher dimensions and the frequencies of light are filled with awe, yet with an anticipation of a palatable presence on Earth.


Today is significant in that the energies have been awakened within all inhabitants on Earth. Those that have been gradually adjusting in mind, body, and spirit will feel the greatest influx of these energies. Others will sense something curious, and will eventually align as their souls recognize the remembrance within.


A stirring of frequencies – light, energy, color, sound – all will carry a new “octave” of resonance. For those souls who are inspired within and primed to move forward, physical bodies will align and tune into these frequencies of this shift. A vibration – a pulse of current – can and will be felt – allowing some validation of this time in the physical alignment.


The sixth sense – intuitions – will become enhanced. Some will seem to be “overnight downloads,” but all the same, the perceptions and illusions will be refined. Truth will resonate as instant validation will be realized.


Aligning to the higher frequencies will naturally occur. Changes in diet, routine, and inspiration will gradually take place. New interests may develop, new insights will be discussed, and those of a creative nature will make new discoveries of your world - new inventions to assist mankind, and new visions for world policies will show themselves.


Many will find it difficult as so many things will shift – seemingly all at once. Keeping in step with forward movement may seem difficult. At some level, decisions will be made – to accept the changes and align, or to simply find a way out from the difficulties of life circumstances. There will be some upheavals, but have faith that all events are necessary for the greater good of all.


Alignment to the Divine Love – Christ Consciousness – will be the overriding shift in Earth frequencies. It will be an energy that will sustain the Earth inhabitants and all other life structures on dear Planet Earth.


Tap into the energies around you. Feel the love consciousness within all your being. Send it out to the world. Fill the empty spaces with love, hope, and peace. All life is blessed. Not all will awaken to the higher truths, but love is equally shared among all.


You are primed – plugged in to this current of energy. It will be the source that will sustain you for many years to come.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

09 November 2011

November Full Moon

Greetings, Dear Ones,


Your Earthly world will undergo major changes. To those who have done the work, you are prepared. To those who have been caught up in your own Earthly dramas, it may just “stir the pot” even more so.


Just know all are placed appropriately to the soul choices that have been made. No one is exempt.


Be ready. Be full of anticipation. Be joyful.


All are blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 November 2011


Greetings, Dear Ones,


A quickening of energy is stirring all those who are open to the messages and occurrences of those things to come. See all with great love and anticipation. Know you are ready – as ripened or seasoned fruit – for this passage in Earth history. A time not of fall, but as of a “harvest” in all the bounty that will be presented.


Hold love in your hearts, peace within your soul, and allow the energy to take you to the places of much comfort and joy.  Those in spirit surround you, embrace you, and encompass you.


All are loved. All are blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~