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15 November 2011

Post 11-11-11 Blues?

It seems humanity has been waiting for the 11-11-11 energies and frequencies for some time. And while the energies of the day felt great, why are some still experiencing negative feelings?


Just relax. Your body is simply adjusting to the vibrations. You acknowledge all the feelings of joy, excitement, a connectedness to the bigger plan. But, you are also acknowledging those feelings that may seem out of step to the overall scheme.


Negative thoughts – thoughts and feelings not of the higher vibrations also surface. Know this is also necessary. Simply acknowledge their presence, let go of their affect on you, and call in the love of God to switch the feeling within you. You need not “define” them; just allow them to surface, and bless the experience of being human at this time.


Connect to spirit in whatever way feels right to you. Create variety in how you do this. For every disharmonic feeling, there are just as many ways to switch it around. This is a simple process:  Acknowledge the feelings, recognize the need to transform them, and switch the energy.


Send your silver cord up to the Divine and down to Mother Earth. Staying connected to both energies will allow the flow between Heaven and Earth and allow for more balanced feelings and conditions.


You are not isolated, you are not unloved. All life can tap into the energies to transform your world. Believe you are worthy. Trust in this connection. Allow the Divine to touch your life.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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