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31 December 2011

New Year's Eve

Today is a day to celebrate. Welcome in the promise and hope a new year brings. The energy of each celebration contributes to the world energy at this time.


Visualize what it is you most wish to experience in the new year. Hold these visions, write them down, and put concentrated focus to achieve them.


For your world, make similar projections of what it is you wish to see and experience from a global consciousness, a global connection to the patterns of behavior and expression going forward. Enough energy will be created to match the feeling, hope, excitement, and anticipation to put it in motion.


All souls are blessed – each one. Know without a doubt each soul is important to the whole. Become the master creator of your own life and world. You have it within you to achieve.


Make your connection to God, your Creator daily. Fill your empty spaces with the love consciousness of the Christ essence.


You are all blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

13 December 2011

The Light Within Will Indeed Glow

Many may feel that all is not right, all is not occurring, all is just a hoax. No fears, dear ones.


Each soul may seem to be acting out those factions not fully aligned to higher consciousness. Remember, dear humans, this is a grand awakening on a grand scale. Giving it this perspective gains appreciation of all that is transpiring.


Ignite the love of God within you each day. Feel your heart expand, feel the vibration within you. Embrace the love that simply becomes you. It is then you glow with the light of Christ Consciousness.


Yes, at some point, you will see those “lighted souls.” You will recognize them, and the shift will indeed seem as though results are being given to those with this consciousness within their souls.


The light within will indeed glow.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

10 December 2011

On the Way Forward

Dear Ones, we meet again.


All life is unfolding to plan. Yes, processing is indeed occurring. Just being on the way forward is to everyone’s advantage.


Seeds have been planted, and germination is taking place. As the new essence is forming, there is much transformation - from a hard seed - to a blooming, flowering new life. No short cuts are involved; it is simply what transpires for the transformation to occur.


Wait patiently. New life will unfold.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~