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10 September 2011

A View Through 2012

Greetings, Dear Ones:

Your world is transforming – a quickening of all life – all that encompasses your planet, Mother Earth. No one is exempt; all are included in the transformation taking place. Many have spoken, many have shared spiritual truths and wisdom with each soul who listens and is awakened to the messages.

The “Revelations” will occur for those who recognize the love essence that will encompass each heart, each life form on Earth. The love essence is the birthing of the Christ Consciousness within all life on Earth.

So, the choices are at each soul level. Those that are awakened will heed the calling of the heart and the calling to unite as one mind and one heart in your Earthly world.

Many may struggle making new choices as those whose hearts do not respond to the call of love – the Christ Consciousness – will find ways to simply depart. Know it is a soul choice.

Many new changes will occur. It will seem as though old structures, old institutions, old paradigms will simply crumble. Do not be fearful. Do not despair. See each as an opportunity to rebuild and restructure so that all life will transpire into a new world order.

All souls will begin to feel the connection between each other, among all species, with nature, and the life force of Mother Earth. It will be a movement within the heart to connect each one to each other. Hearts will open, minds will connect to a universal oneness with love at its very core.

So, dear ones, choices will be presented to each one. All will have opportunities to make peace within on how each will progress in the times ahead.

You are assisted greatly during this time. Fill your hearts with love and bless all life around you. Make no judgments on what you see. Tap into the Divine light within you to “light” the way for your own path to unfold.

Listen to the inner wisdom, your own connection to God, the Creator, the Source. Your intuitions will guide you. Trust that this process will unfold in a Divine manner for all life on Earth.

You are loved, you are guided. You are Divine souls incarnated on Earth. Never doubt, never forget. All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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