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30 March 2011

Waiting for Action

Why am I not feeling called or motivated to help Mother Earth during this tranformational period to universal oneness?


You see dear one, you are at the point of desire to fulfill the plan, but your part is simply not activated as yet. Other events will transpire. More healing and clearing will take place. Trust you are simply being prepared for the time when you are called to action.


Do not see it as a struggle. See it simply as a “life unfoldment” – done with ease and grace. And, the supporting forces of the universe will bring you all that you need to simply carry out – put in place – your soul’s part of this great transformation. The tools will simply be inherent within you. All will be fully activated, and ready to assist you. Have faith you are an angel of God to fulfill your soul’s mission on Earth.


Do not be disappointed or frustrated that nothing appears to be transpiring in your personal life. Use this time wisely. Take it joyfully. Every day may be seen as a blessing – just open your heart and eyes to see it as so.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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