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10 October 2010


Greetings, Dear Ones,


10-10-10 is a very important time for planet Earth. It signals the remaining clearing and healing and evolution of mankind. Know that it will trigger the last remaining necessary changes that need to unfold before humanity will experience Heaven on Earth. Much has been written about these times – is it the end, or is it just a beginning? Know that however you think of this time is what will manifest in your own lives.


So, think about very clearly what it is you want going forward. Do you see yourself living with peace, love, and harmony? Or, do you see chaos, or fear, or even an ending? Just know your thoughts create the reality in which you live. So, focus at this time on the future you wish to envision.


For many, this period of time will require many changes. How things in the past were done will not hold true going forward.  Allow for changes. Do not resist – as it will persist - until you step through the changes with acceptance and a pinning for peace and love to prevail.


You are all loved. Know this. Choices going forward are not wrong – trust they are right for you. Do not surrender to the fear and chaos – surrender to the love of God and the peacefulness you will hold in your heart. This will be your driving force going forward.


Many are here to assist. Call on us daily. Fill your hearts with love each day, and ask for this connection to remain strong and sure. Smile, be happy. You are the creators of your own world. More happiness, love, peace, and abundance are available – more so than you can even imagine. So, bring it on! Become the peaceful, loving being you all are capable of achieving. Hold love in your hearts, peace in your actions, and radiate the light of God.


10-10-10 ---in numerology totals three – the trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Become that spiritual being. You have been Divinely given this opportunity. See this as a challenge. See this as your course of action. Know that all that happens has been set in motion. The “collapse” is the hand of man – the “rebuilding” is the hand of God. Trust. This is how it will work.


Go in peace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~   

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