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04 September 2010

Below the Surface

What appears to the world population is not what is really occurring. More is transforming in the ethers – the cosmos – that have not transcended into your Earthly world.


So, do not focus on what you see or hear around you – events, news, personal dramas. Everything is shaking out – the old energy is being stirred up and will be around for a little while longer.


So, what can you do? Continue to see life on Earth from a positive perspective. Feel love in your heart and share it with those around you. Send it out, too, to those places in your consciousness – those places you know of in need of assistance.


Visualize a world of peace – a world where love is first and foremost. These thoughts, these visualizations will greatly affect the energies that are below the surface of your awareness, but are the manifesting changes of your future outcomes.


Trust - you are all “manifestors” and co-creators of Earthly outcomes.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~ 

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