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14 August 2010

The Eyes of God

Greetings, dear ones,


Many times you may wonder how this is possible – how to connect to those higher dimensions. Trust in the process. All humans have this ability. Clear your energy - set the intention of connecting to the highest levels of light. This is a process humans are capable of achieving – all have this within them. For some, it may take more practice, but all the same it is not a difficult one to master.


For those on the spiritual path, this connection can be felt at all times – channeling the essence of God’s love and light. Set the intent each day. Over time, you will maintain the connection at all times. This, too, is a practice that can be done by many, and is also not a difficult one to master.


Seeing the world around you – the difference of living a “connected life” in human form – a sudden shift will take place within you. Your vision – seen through the eyes of God - creates a different view of the world all together. Becoming the higher essence through the connection of the highest vibrations will carry you forward through all the times ahead for planet Earth.


Be that spiritual being at all times. Master your connection – your view of events will take on a different perspective – one of peace and love and balance – despite the state of affairs around you.


Trust. Know. Connect. Live your life through the eyes of God. This will bring about Heaven on Earth.


My beloveds,


~Archangel Gabriel ~

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