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28 March 2010

The Weight of the Lightworker

As the vibrations of the Earth increase, humanity will be feeling the effects of these shifts in energy. Some will feel more agitated, some will actually lash out, and some will simply feel the vibrations – but not know how to process it – to make themselves comfortable.

Yes, feeling the vibrations and the shifting energies is affecting weight gain among the lightworkers. It is a simple fact. It is indeed feeling the “weight” of the world – or planet energy.

Food is tasting different – no longer a satisfying pleasure – but still the need to use food for “comfort” is one of many “weighs” of processing the energy.

Lightworkers must learn how to clear themselves of the energy attached to the vibrations as each will be lifted up, up, up as the frequencies become even stronger.

Begin each day by aligning your chakras – ask for balance to be brought to the energy surrounding you. Some use meditation to balance within the soul body of light*, and some use yoga to balance within the physical body. Search out ways to assimilate the vibrations, but not take on the negative affects the energy may trigger within you.

My dear ones, know that you are blessed. Know that your assistance is most needed for the times ahead. Staying balanced – and aligning with the higher level frequencies - is needed to not take on the negative energies being stirred up within the planet.

Once you find what works for you, this transition to the higher frequencies and vibrations will not be felt so greatly within your physical bodies. Trust in the process.

With Loving Guidance,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

* A Course in Light is a meditative process channeled from the Order of Melchizedek to heal and clear energy within chakras of the soul body of light. 

03 March 2010

God's Creations

All of creation is of God’s own hand. What you choose to enjoy of God’s creation is unique for each individual soul. Some may gravitate to nature – trees, flowers, plants - or the oceans and streams - and the life held within. Some may gravitate to science – the mechanics of God’s creations. Just know if you are drawn to certain types of creation, it is because it resonates within you – your energy connects to the love within the creation of God.

People will start to “take on” more of God’s many creations. Each will begin to champion a part of God’s creation that speaks to their hearts and minds. Do not fight or deny these feelings. Take them up and go with whatever moves you to protect or enhance the beauty and wonder of the many creations God has given you.

This is the beauty of your spirit - to enjoy the greatness and wonder of your world. God created your spirit to experience vicariously through you the joy of his creations. So, the magic and wonder of each creation is felt through you by God. And, working with God’s many creations brings the energy of God to you. This is a way to channel God’s energy.

You can clean up the oceans, invent new ways to clear up pollution, nurture and assist life forms such as land, plant, animal, and human. If you can open your heart with passion to assist and support any part of God’s creation, you will have the love and energy of God work through you. For many, it will bring a love energy so strong and never felt before in their hearts and lives.

You do not need to feel it has to be a full-time effort; it can be done in smaller measures. Take up an interest and nurture it – find ways to help out a little each day. I challenge each of you to find at least one aspect of God’s creation and have it become a heart-felt cause for you to support in your life time.

Eventually, you will learn to live each day and view your life - your world – and embrace it as God’s creation. The love energy of God will flow into you and will be spread out to assist your earth and beyond.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~