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28 March 2010

The Weight of the Lightworker

As the vibrations of the Earth increase, humanity will be feeling the effects of these shifts in energy. Some will feel more agitated, some will actually lash out, and some will simply feel the vibrations – but not know how to process it – to make themselves comfortable.

Yes, feeling the vibrations and the shifting energies is affecting weight gain among the lightworkers. It is a simple fact. It is indeed feeling the “weight” of the world – or planet energy.

Food is tasting different – no longer a satisfying pleasure – but still the need to use food for “comfort” is one of many “weighs” of processing the energy.

Lightworkers must learn how to clear themselves of the energy attached to the vibrations as each will be lifted up, up, up as the frequencies become even stronger.

Begin each day by aligning your chakras – ask for balance to be brought to the energy surrounding you. Some use meditation to balance within the soul body of light*, and some use yoga to balance within the physical body. Search out ways to assimilate the vibrations, but not take on the negative affects the energy may trigger within you.

My dear ones, know that you are blessed. Know that your assistance is most needed for the times ahead. Staying balanced – and aligning with the higher level frequencies - is needed to not take on the negative energies being stirred up within the planet.

Once you find what works for you, this transition to the higher frequencies and vibrations will not be felt so greatly within your physical bodies. Trust in the process.

With Loving Guidance,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

* A Course in Light is a meditative process channeled from the Order of Melchizedek to heal and clear energy within chakras of the soul body of light. 

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