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22 April 2010

Earth Day Message

Greetings, dear ones,

Time - a human concept. But, what truly is time? A measure – a mark - to delineate progression – evolution – movement forward in your earthly world.  

When spirit suggests it is “time” for mankind to embrace love and oneness – it is in the now – this moment in your life. Simply all present a reality that manifests.

So, dear beloveds, time is of the essence of the energy around you. The glory of life – the Divine love that flows through each one in the moment - is the existence to bring you forward.

Tap into this each day – bring it to bed with you and be it through the night as you sleep. Let it become a breathing flowing evolution within you - to simply have it become you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~   

17 April 2010

Bump Up Your Choices

Hold tight, dear ones. All energy is appearing to be “bumping up” against each other. It is affecting all life on earth.

Choices will be presented to you to learn to make decisions from a spiritual perspective. It is time to release old patterns of behavior and thoughts. Go within and ask for Divine guidance to ensure your choices are made from love and are presented from an enlightened perspective.

Know the circumstances are merely tests in learning how to recognize a choice is to be made, and learning how to re-set old thoughts and patterns to result in an outcome of the highest intent. Breaking old patterns is key in moving you forward.

Know you will always have Divine help and love, if you ask for this assistance. Take a deep breath before each thought, deed, or spoken word, and ask to be Divinely led for the highest good of your soul and those around you.

Be mindful that truth and integrity govern you, and trust that all souls involved are equally loved. Also, know other souls will be making new choices and decisions, too. So, hold no past grudges - be pleasantly surprised.

Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~