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19 January 2010

Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are made before embodiment in the Earth plane. Life lessons and life choices are preplanned in the spiritual realms.

Sometimes life contracts are completely fulfilled. The lessons are learned, the partnerships are met up with “marriages” being formed, children are “begotten,” and life in general unfolds.

Sometimes life contracts go unfulfilled. Life choices are made by the souls involved that take them away from the original soul contracts. So, what happens to the other souls involved in the contracts or agreements that were made?

Another contract fills its place – sort of like a “Plan B” – and sometimes “Plan C” – and “Plan D”- and so on…depending on how many of the souls involved make life choices contrary to their original contracts.

In the past, no one paid much attention to this as humans simply were not aware of the concept of “soul contracts.” However, in the new energy, as more souls are becoming enlightened, more souls are recognizing they have “unfulfilled” contracts. So, what becomes of them when other souls have decided another path? You simply must go on and another “Plan” will take shape.

Please know all souls are loved dearly. Many underestimate the “free will” that leads many astray. Some simply are living their lives – unaware that their choices are affecting many others. This happens more than you know – more than are documented – it quite simply is “life on Earth.”

Trust that another option will be implemented. Do not be angered by another’s choice that impacted your soul contract. Know that you are dearly loved and another contract will be waiting to be implemented. No soul contract is better than another – it simply has different elements – different souls to play out the life plan.

All are given the chance to fulfill their soul contracts. Some contracts are cut short because the lesson is avoided – it didn’t have to play out. Contracts are re-written all the time.  Simply know that all of life on Earth has evolved this way. And, the impact of karma being removed by the Grace of God has caused many contracts to be rewritten.

Trust your life will go on – another love will come along – another joyful life will evolve. Let go of the expectation or disappointment from the old soul contract. Embrace the beauty and love seen by a sun rise – a new contract is born.

~Archangel Gabriel ~ 

05 January 2010

New Year Energy

Greetings Dear Ones,

Can you not feel the New Year energy? Is there not anticipation in every day? Is there not just hope - but peace - a pinning in your heart?

Trust there is more to life than you see. It will be the unseen forces of the Creator behind the coming events. Trust.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~  

01 January 2010

2010 - Let Your Divine Light Shine

Published in Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, February 2010  


Dear Ones,

There is no gloom or doom ahead for you in 2010 and beyond. The message I have for you as Archangel Gabriel - messenger from the Divine – will be stated very simply and with love for all who read and hear of it.

The times ahead may be rough for those who have not yet discovered their Divine light within. For those of you who have allowed the Divine light to shine within and without, you are positioned well for what lies ahead. It is a matter of choosing which path to take - which choice to make - and simply begin the process of living from your heart.

When the earth was first formed, the connection to God was felt by all. But, the earth is governed by free choice, and humans began to make choices – life choices – that brought them away and made them feel separate from God. As cultures and societies evolved, religions were formed as the way back to God. Keep in mind this was man’s interpretation of how to reconnect to God.

Take a look inside you. Forget about your religious doctrine or non-religious beliefs. Strip away everyone else’s idea or definition of who you should be or how it feels to be connected to your Creator. Look inside you – really explore those places within you. Who are you and how would you define yourself?

Humans are created with a piece of God within them – a spark of light from God. The light within you was ignited at the moment of creation. What part of God is in you now? Can you feel the Creator, can you see with the Creator’s eyes, and love as the Creator loves all?

The humans that move forward through 2010 and beyond will be living with their Divine Self – the part of themselves with the God or Creator essence - leading the way. The God in you will allow you to live life with abundance, love, peace, and balance – those words you have all heard, but few have incorporated into all aspects of self and all aspects of life.

Steps to Take

So, how does a human live like God? It is very simply through your heart. By being open to love and opening your heart with love, the life force of God will work through you. You will simply have a connection to God, your Creator, and it will be a solid and permanent connection. Open your heart to live a life with love being first and foremost. 

Learn to live with truth and integrity. Listen to your inner guidance and follow it. Have faith and trust you will be guided. You can validate what you get from your inner guidance, but do not doubt. Many doors may open quite unexpectedly and it will take faith and courage to walk through them. Again, trust you will be directed with love and for lessons to be learned for the highest good of your soul.

Surrender your control to the Divine light within you. Release your control not only over your own life, but the control you have over others. Go with the flow – wake up each day and ask your Divine Self to lead the way. Watch the difference it makes in how you approach mundane tasks and your perspective on the unexpected. You will see how your life expands and takes off in a most beautiful way.

Recharge your light each day. Learn to make meditation a daily process in your life. Think of it as “recharging your Divine light within.” Do you not plug in your cell phone each day to recharge the battery? So, why not plug into God each day to recharge the Divine light within your physical body? This will ensure the connection to God keeps the life force energy flowing within you and throughout all that you encompass.

Be conscious of the energy you are putting out on a daily basis. The energy you put out matches the vibration in your heart - every spoken word, every thought, every emotion, every gesture, and every deed counts. Do not think that what you hold within you is hidden. It is reflected in your aura – the energy you hold around you. More and more people will begin to “read” this energy, so be conscious of what you put out there – what you think, feel, say, and do.

Also with this, be mindful that “like attracts like” – the energy you carry and put forth is what is attracted back to you. And, going forward in 2010 and beyond, you will find the energy that comes back at you comes back even faster. Manifestation will become spontaneous as you live in the now, and will materialize as the same energy you are holding in your heart and aura. This is very important for you to understand.

Practice and incorporate the spiritual tools that work for you. I am speaking about spiritual tools and practices for energy protection, balancing chakras – the energy centers of your soul, and clearing the energy within your soul body of light. Know you are so much more than what you see. Take time to clear your sacred spaces – your homes, the vehicles you commute in, and the places you frequent. Even your friends and family will benefit if you clear the energy around them. Your assistance will benefit them in their lessons tremendously.

Live the Talk, and Walk the Path

Just know that by living your life with Divine direction does not always make it the easiest path to follow. Many times lessons will appear before you. If you take on each one - by living through your heart, living with integrity and honesty, and asking for Divine direction – your lessons will be gone through will less drama, pain, disruption, or scandal in your life or another’s life.

You will learn to recognize the lesson as you actually go through it – it won’t be in hindsight as it has been in the past. Once you realize this, you will recognize the fear - and look at it with love – and the transformation within you will truly empower you.

These steps are simple – but truthfully few are applying them in their lives – even those you recognize as your “spiritual leaders.” It truly is time to live the talk, and walk the path.

One last thing to remember is to ask for help from your angels and guides who are ready to assist you. Talk to them, open your heart to them, and show gratitude for their assistance. Your life will be lived with love, joy, peace, and perfect balance. Your Divine light will shine and your spiritual truths will quite simply become you.

You are dearly blessed. 

~ Archangel Gabriel ~