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28 November 2009

Channeling the Divine Essence

Greetings Dear Ones,

The process of channeling those in spirit is not a difficult one. It is simply setting your intention to connect to the highest vibration of the Divine aspect. You can develop or set in place a process – a procedure – that is comfortable for you. Following the same process each time sets in place the unique connection you make to spirit and will help to make the connection that much easier for you.

You can pre-determine or call forth your intentions of whom you want to connect with, or you can simply allow those in spirit to come to you – your guides, angels, or other spiritual beings to offer encouragement, love, and guidance.

Know that there is not always a “right” answer. The choice is always yours alone to make. Learn to find that resonance within you for validation to support the life path of your soul.

The connection you make should feel light and loving and safe. This will ensure you have connected to Divine spirit of the Creator’s energy. Most important is to make this connection a part of your daily routine. Set your intention as a priority in what you accomplish each day.

You will notice a difference in how your life unfolds – your day to day routines - as well as the major crossroads where different paths are presented for life lessons to unfold.

Trust in this connection. Feel the love empower your choices. Feel the love open your heart – becoming an open channel - to allow the love energy to permeate your being and all that surrounds you.

See how your life unfolds with the love essence of God flowing through you.

Go in Peace,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

21 November 2009

The Divine Love Within

It is up to each soul to find the Divine love within – no one can give you this love – you simply have to find it. It is coming to the realization that Divine love is loving yourself as you love God – as you are God consciousness.

Once a soul finds this love within - it will fill the soul body – and it will quite simply overflow to all that surrounds you – the soul will simply “radiate love.” It will become a natural state from which to live. Life will have meaning. Life will take on a purpose as love will be the prevailing theme. Your path will simply unfold and you will go forward with love, truth, wisdom, and light.

Humans have such a hard time grasping this concept. Life lessons are presented to learn this basic truth of life on Earth. There are many ways to express the love of God. Many religions have been found to awaken and lead souls back to God. No one religion is the “right” way. The “right” way is found within in your own heart and the personal connection you make to God, your Creator.

So, the human soul has to find the connection to God that is “right” for them. Many options, many opportunities to find the experiences that feel right in their hearts. More ”lights” will be going on in hearts as your time moves on. Those who have found a connection to God will live life with love. No matter what the prevailing world consciousness will be, those who live their life with love will be given the life choices to bring them into a life filled with love, joy, balance, and abundance.

When love is your predominate life factor, fear has no place in your life. Love replaces all fear. So, the choice to live with love becomes the most important choice for any soul. Choose wisely – the choice is yours to make.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~