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19 January 2010

Soul Contracts

Soul contracts are made before embodiment in the Earth plane. Life lessons and life choices are preplanned in the spiritual realms.

Sometimes life contracts are completely fulfilled. The lessons are learned, the partnerships are met up with “marriages” being formed, children are “begotten,” and life in general unfolds.

Sometimes life contracts go unfulfilled. Life choices are made by the souls involved that take them away from the original soul contracts. So, what happens to the other souls involved in the contracts or agreements that were made?

Another contract fills its place – sort of like a “Plan B” – and sometimes “Plan C” – and “Plan D”- and so on…depending on how many of the souls involved make life choices contrary to their original contracts.

In the past, no one paid much attention to this as humans simply were not aware of the concept of “soul contracts.” However, in the new energy, as more souls are becoming enlightened, more souls are recognizing they have “unfulfilled” contracts. So, what becomes of them when other souls have decided another path? You simply must go on and another “Plan” will take shape.

Please know all souls are loved dearly. Many underestimate the “free will” that leads many astray. Some simply are living their lives – unaware that their choices are affecting many others. This happens more than you know – more than are documented – it quite simply is “life on Earth.”

Trust that another option will be implemented. Do not be angered by another’s choice that impacted your soul contract. Know that you are dearly loved and another contract will be waiting to be implemented. No soul contract is better than another – it simply has different elements – different souls to play out the life plan.

All are given the chance to fulfill their soul contracts. Some contracts are cut short because the lesson is avoided – it didn’t have to play out. Contracts are re-written all the time.  Simply know that all of life on Earth has evolved this way. And, the impact of karma being removed by the Grace of God has caused many contracts to be rewritten.

Trust your life will go on – another love will come along – another joyful life will evolve. Let go of the expectation or disappointment from the old soul contract. Embrace the beauty and love seen by a sun rise – a new contract is born.

~Archangel Gabriel ~ 

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