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15 October 2009


People are placed on your path to create earthly experiences – you develop relationships to learn lessons - to evolve as a soul to find the Divine light within, and to obtain a life of peace with abundance on the earthly plane.

Some friendships are meant to bring companionship – to hold the mirror to reflect the light you give out, and to bring out the best of your talents and skills, and for you to learn about love.

Some friendships are meant to teach you lessons. These friendships bring challenges to face your truths - to learn and clear those old patterns of behaviors that need healing.

Some friendships are life-long. No matter how you grow – the various evolutions of self – they grow with you and compliment you as you move through life. Chances are these friends have the same lessons to go through and the friendships have been planned before birth to assist each other.

Other friendships are temporary – several years may go by and fun times and sad times are shared. These are usually to further you along your path. It may be a growth period for you – stretching your comfort zone, but once these abilities are learned, generally the friendships end. It is a natural progression of life.

Do not be burdened with sorrow or sadness when friendships seem to end. Trust that the lessons or growth in your evolution have been learned and you simply are ready to move on. The lessons have been experienced, healing or clearing has occurred, and each is ready to go on to new life lessons with other friendships along the way.

There is no need to “slam the door” as you evolve away from these friends. Trust that the times together were bonding - you shared and learned aspects of yourself through these associations. When friends are harsh with saying good-bye – know that the ending for some is painful – ending friendships in themselves is a lesson to learn, too. Bless each friend for the companionship you shared.

This is how life evolves – different stages – different lessons – different friends – all meant to bring you balance and experience life with others where you share laughter, camaraderie, and create the opportunities for soul growth.

Your friends are earth angels to assist you in your life lessons. So, learn to bless each one and release them when the time is right for other opportunities of experience planned for you in this lifetime.

Know you are loved dearly. Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~