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20 May 2009

Your Natural State

Each person, each soul embodies all the love and beauty of creation within it – each one. Grandeur does not have to be forced or “created” as it already exists. Each human, each life form is grandeur and glory all in itself.

It is the environment of being embodied in the earth plane where there is so much distraction that the true essence is not felt. Enlightenment is coming to the terms of recognizing these qualities are inherent in all life forms. It is a rediscovery process of love and light within that beckons to be glorified and magnified.

This process is simple, but so difficult to comprehend. It truly is taking away all doubt, all fear, all confusion, and finding at the core – the very essence of who you are – just a beautiful soul full of love and light living with the full knowing that all is right.

There is a balance that comes without effort – without force – without fear or doubt – just love. This is your natural state. Just become it – believe it – be it.

~Archangel Gabriel ~

12 May 2009

Compassionate Hearts

You are all dearly loved – each one - no more, no less - than anyone else; all are loved equally. This is as God, the Creator, manifested your world – your planet. This amazing love energy encompasses all life – not just the humans, but animals, plants - all life forms, all matter. Know without a doubt the love essence surrounds each one.

Practice feeling this love daily and send it out to all that surrounds you, encompassing your thoughts, your intentions, and your activities. Know that just as God you can love all, too. Make no judgments, no definitives - set no parameters on what "deserves" love at this time. All are deserving as all are equal in the eyes of God.

As you know this, as you understand this, recognize that love has no boundaries as to what situations, or people, or events are more worthy. All are worthy - all are deserving - all will benefit from the love energy.

Hold this compassion in your heart for all you come in contact with throughout your day. Do not be put off by any anger, jealousy, or vindictive behaviors - love it all and bless the experience as you release the negative energy.

Never forget you are a child of God surrounded in his love and light. As you share this love and light with others, your world will transform - the ones you send it to will benefit as well as yourself - as the energy you send out will attract more of the same to be sent back to you. Understand this concept, as the more you understand it, you will be more confident in sending out your love and compassion to others without judgment or constraint.

The heavens are open to your prayers. All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~