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20 June 2009

Challenges and Imbalances

Greetings Dear Ones,

All are coming into their own lessons or choices on their life journeys and experiences. It is no coincidence that turmoil is the prevailing theme in so many. As the vibrations on earth are rising, those areas within each life that are not in balance will “show itself” and need to be addressed before balance is restored in each one.

Do not see the challenge or imbalance as a bad thing. See it as the right timing – circumstances are “pre-set” for the moment to finally address the challenge or imbalance. The more difficult a situation or challenge seems is at the heart a fear to overcome – a fear of confrontation, a fear of expressing your innermost self, or a fear of standing up to the pressures put around you.

Overcome your fears by asking for guidance and listening to your heart in finding the right response and taking that courageous step to pass through your lesson with love, assurance, and complete trust. Just call in your guides and angels as we will come to assist - you do not have to go through it alone.

If you are personally going through a challenge or imbalance, look deep within your heart for what is the right choice or decision for your soul. Ask for help – in prayer or meditation – to assist for your highest and best good. Go within and listen closely. Run each choice or decision through your heart – feel the resonance – how does each feel? Always know you will be protected. This challenge is presented to you in such a manner that you may now make the right choice to clear this obstacle from your path and move on with life in finding balance and inner peace.

For those friends or family you see struggling - yes, it is a helpless feeling to observe their dilemmas and challenges. Send them love and God’s white light to lift them up to face their fears.  Put pink and gold light around them – pink for healing love energy, and gold for transformational energy. Be available to offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, but not to direct their choices. Allow them to face them and make their own conscious choices, or allow them to avoid and bury any chance of a peaceful or balanced resolution. Trust this is only temporary as the challenge or imbalance will resurface again.

Many of the most difficult lessons are the very challenges each soul pre-planned to learn or experience while embodied on earth. Know that each soul is loved and Divine assistance is always available when called forth. Despite what some may believe – God is full of grace and mercy and has you in his blessings to grow and learn from the lessons presented to you.

Never forget you are a child of God and are loved beyond measure – no matter what choices you make. Your life is the stage where your drama unfolds and your ending depends on how you embrace the challenges and imbalances presented to you.

With Much Love and Guidance,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

14 June 2009


“I would love to know what Archangel Gabriel has to say on tithing and anything related to it, and how it is explained for the present time.”  

The subject of tithing is a very good one. In times past, tithing was established as a way to give back to God which was actually given to the church or place of worship that provided spiritual counsel and leadership. (Somewhat like a present day tax – to give back to your government that provides services and safety to your city, or state, or country.) Guidelines were set to a “considerable, but meaningful” contribution. Remember, during early times it was about survival. Money, or precious metals or gems, or other forms of exchange were necessary to keep “the flow of fortune going to the top.”

Tithing is along the same principles as the natural laws of abundance and attraction - to freely give out so that the same energy will flow back to you. There is no shortage of abundance – it is available to all. A desire to “hold back” is created by fear and the flow of “abundant energy” is cut off or minimized if a “shortage or stinginess” is the predominate feeling.

So, how does tithing fit into the current and present “now?” Think of tithing as the love within your heart that you give freely and effortlessly to others – other souls, other life forms, to God, your Creator.

What does freely and effortlessly mean to you? To donate – what amount can you come up with that matches the love and compassion in your heart? To say it has to be 10% or nothing less has set a boundary – an artificial measure for the love – or tithing – you feel in your heart. And, what if your love feels like more than 10%? Do you hold back and give less?

Think of tithing like a prayer – put all the love and feeling and good wishes and send it out to the universe – putting no restrictions or boundaries or expected outcomes – just allow the love to flow freely and know that it will be sent and used appropriately.

If a prayer is sometimes worth as much as a million dollars, what is ten percent of a prayer then worth - $100,000? Can you really send out a prayer and say it is worth $5, or $15,000, or any other amount? There is no dollar amount given to the prayer – it is valued in your heart and matches the effort and emotion and love energy from which it was created.

So, can you see tithing has no boundaries? It has no definitive matter, either. It can be money, a talent, a service, or an exchange given with no expectations and no expected payback.

Find a balance within all that you create. If you find you are unable to give out freely and effortlessly due to the pressures of your own survival, then you may want to take a closer look at what material possessions or time restrictions that are keeping you from living in balance.

Go within your heart to find that balance. Feel love for all life forms and feel the Oneness with all life. When you find that “sweet spot” - that perfect balance within, you will feel the creative force of God, your Creator. And, you will bless each time you feel this love – this perfect balance - and you will want to give out this love in whatever manner is appropriate for you at that time.

Being generous or giving freely and effortlessly is that expansive feeling you get when your heart is overflowing with love. Spread it around – send it out and bless all who come in contact with this love that has no bounds – no boundaries – or restrictions on what is enough - as only your heart can tell you.

~Archangel Gabriel ~