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22 April 2009

Rx for Planet Earth

Dear Ones,

Many will be tested and many may succumb to the fears of your world. Know that there is peace within to give you a profound knowingness that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Trust your instincts for Divine guidance. Know the tools to use for protection and the positive affirmations to keep your heart open to the calmness we bring you.

Stay centered and remain strong. Send your light out to places that call for your attention. Send out your love and see it as an essence of God’s white light enveloping the areas where your thoughts and prayers are concentrated.

See your earth surrounded by a pink mist or a cloud of love consciousness to help heal and transform your planet. Never doubt you are dearly loved, heavenly guided, and Divinely placed to make a difference.

Go in peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

17 April 2009

Beacons of Love and Light

Dramatic changes are coming - dramatic as defined as somewhat unsettling, somewhat chaotic, or somewhat disturbing. Allow for these changes to occur.

Keep your heart open; connect to the Divine source and allow this energy to flow through you. Trust that the universe will bring you to a state of understanding and will assist you through the changes.

Protect yourself from the denseness of these energies with white light. Focus on love - loving thoughts - to keep your balance. Call upon your guides and angels daily. Allow us to take your hand and walk you through any drama, trauma, or difficulties you may be facing. Love and peace are close at hand for those who ask and bring forth the Divine light within.

Open your heart and send your love out to those places you are drawn to in thought or attention. Know without a doubt your love makes a difference.

Lightworkers are like beacons that send love and light to those dark places in your world. Hold steady, stay balanced, and remain firm with the knowledge that your love and light is assisting with the transformation of your planet.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~