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01 January 2012

2012 - Revelations of the Christ Within

Published in Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, Predictions 2012 & Beyond, December 2011 issue 


Greetings, Dear Ones:


Your world has reached the critical final steps of purging all energy not of the Divine love presence. This heart-centered love essence is also known as the Christ consciousness.


There are factions, or pockets, of energy within the Earth that do not radiate this love essence. But, as the Christ Consciousness prevails, these areas will quite simply dissolve, evaporate quickly to yield a peaceful solution. And, those that do not choose to radiate this love essence will simply find ways to leave your world. As more and more people become connected and united as one in love, the world order will find a peace that will prevail.


So, now beloveds, I ask each of you, “Where do you fit into this scheme of life unfoldment?” The choice is yours, as it always has been, to find the path which you belong. Spiritual material has been shared from messengers of truth and light from the divine realms – the hierarchy of the Creator, the Source, your God. Those whose hearts have been touched have been awakened to the possibilities that lie ahead.


Many will fear the new as their world will seem to crumble. Those who are struggling and those who seem lost are also being given new opportunities to make new choices based on love and expanded awareness. See this as a new beginning, a new awakening of peace, and a unified connection lifting all life to new heights and levels. See it as a transformation bringing Heaven to Earth.


Trust in this process of bringing new order to your world, your planet, and know many, many unseen forces are assisting in this glorious rebirth of Earth. No one is beyond help or beyond hope. Each soul is simply given choices on how they will proceed. It is an individual choice, but a collective process. Many will be joining through their hearts to manifest a new order on Earth. Rightful action with resonated truth will govern the way.


Many institutions will seem to topple, as will many governments. But, behold the opportunities presented to rebuild a world order on all levels and bring about a peaceful existence with divine order. Many new ways will be charted. Many will be started with good intentions, but the ones that prevail will be filled with choices made with love, integrity, and divine principles of truth.


Many processes will come out – steps to help you make this transition. Know the avenues and the steps; all the wisdom to transcend is within you. A heart guided from love is a true path, and the steps you take may not appear orderly, but trust in the process that simply unfolds.


Dear ones, never forget you are dearly loved and Heavenly guided. There is no need to be fearful, as these times have been foreseen and divinely planned. Simply see yourself as a willing participant – an intuitive actor - in the re-staging of planet Earth. Look forward to future events. See each event as one in a series forming the collective steps of Christ consciousness encompassing your Earth. The revelations of this consciousness are within each soul to embrace.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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