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02 July 2010

Lessons at Work

Why am I not the spiritual person I know I am at work? Why do I get caught up in the drama unfolding around me and take on anger and disappointment in others’ work ethics?


Hello, dear one,


Lessons at work…Think about work - the whys others are there - the human concept of making money – the whys and ways to earn it.


Not all are there for the same goal, result, or purpose. Not all feel dedicated to the goals of the company. Not all support the views of the company. So, you have a contradiction of goals “making money” that continues to unfold. This is the old paradigm of the past.


Yes, there are lessons to learn, but be the spiritual being you are at all times. This is a test in like how many companies have evolved, manifested, or been destroyed by the vibrations held within them.


So, see the challenges are but a microcosm of the world – although minute in comparison, all the same parallel.


Learn to master your emotions – stay in your power – live with love in your heart. And, if your light is hard to shine - maintain – you have options, but most importantly master the “problems” – you will grow as a soul.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

31 July 2009

Laws of Abundance and Attraction

What can you tell us about the new energy and the Laws of Abundance and Attraction? In the old energy, you were encouraged to ask for what you need, but not for more. Now, it seems you can use these laws and make more out of your life by asking for more. What do you have to share on this?

The Laws of Abundance and Attraction are sometimes intertwined in their interpretations and meanings. Abundance is available to all – there are no constraints or restrictions on how much or who gets abundance. Its supply is readily available and is plentiful for all.

Focusing on a lack or a need for abundance is in itself a “cut off” to the natural flow. It focuses on a need or a lack which in itself is a fear of needing it badly, or not being able to get enough, or a belief there is a limited supply to draw from. Do you see how these thoughts even constrict your heart?

Reprogram your thinking to a constant knowing that abundance naturally comes your way. It is like breathing – a natural supply of air, not limited, and always available. Think on this:  “Abundance is part of my being and God’s gift to all mankind. I am grateful for God’s abundance.” Think of it as an unlimited energy available to all.

Put no parameters on how this abundance will materialize – no dollar amount, no quantity, no pre-conceived shape or form of energy that appears to you naturally. Just feel the abundant and overflowing feeling that all needs are met and will continue to be met.

Abundance is a mindset. Open your heart and feel the love within it – this overflow feeling is the same vibration of abundance. Start feeling this energy around you – it is the loving energy of God forever blessing your life.

The Law of Attraction takes on the energy of whatever you are holding your heart and sending out to those around you. Like attracts like. If love and good energy flows from you – more of the same will you attract.

If you want more love in your life – feel that love in you first and more will return. Become that feeling – that energy – so you will attract it in your life. This applies to people and circumstances, as well. What you project in your life is what is attracted back to you. So, start creating an environment of love within you and without you – your surroundings and all that you encompass. Watch your life transform.

Start with love first. Fill your heart with love. Learn to listen and run things through your heart – in this way you will find your truth – your inner knowing – that you will recognize as your authentic self – your higher self – your Divine self. Once you find your own personal resonance, this will be the frequency at which all energy will transmit from you and you will receive from the universe. This balance – this flow – is simply attracting all the abundance, blessings, and love from the universe.

There will be a constant flow – a current - if you will think of it this way. You will be “plugged in” and you will find you are connected to the love and abundant life flow of God.

~Archangel Gabriel ~

14 June 2009


“I would love to know what Archangel Gabriel has to say on tithing and anything related to it, and how it is explained for the present time.”  

The subject of tithing is a very good one. In times past, tithing was established as a way to give back to God which was actually given to the church or place of worship that provided spiritual counsel and leadership. (Somewhat like a present day tax – to give back to your government that provides services and safety to your city, or state, or country.) Guidelines were set to a “considerable, but meaningful” contribution. Remember, during early times it was about survival. Money, or precious metals or gems, or other forms of exchange were necessary to keep “the flow of fortune going to the top.”

Tithing is along the same principles as the natural laws of abundance and attraction - to freely give out so that the same energy will flow back to you. There is no shortage of abundance – it is available to all. A desire to “hold back” is created by fear and the flow of “abundant energy” is cut off or minimized if a “shortage or stinginess” is the predominate feeling.

So, how does tithing fit into the current and present “now?” Think of tithing as the love within your heart that you give freely and effortlessly to others – other souls, other life forms, to God, your Creator.

What does freely and effortlessly mean to you? To donate – what amount can you come up with that matches the love and compassion in your heart? To say it has to be 10% or nothing less has set a boundary – an artificial measure for the love – or tithing – you feel in your heart. And, what if your love feels like more than 10%? Do you hold back and give less?

Think of tithing like a prayer – put all the love and feeling and good wishes and send it out to the universe – putting no restrictions or boundaries or expected outcomes – just allow the love to flow freely and know that it will be sent and used appropriately.

If a prayer is sometimes worth as much as a million dollars, what is ten percent of a prayer then worth - $100,000? Can you really send out a prayer and say it is worth $5, or $15,000, or any other amount? There is no dollar amount given to the prayer – it is valued in your heart and matches the effort and emotion and love energy from which it was created.

So, can you see tithing has no boundaries? It has no definitive matter, either. It can be money, a talent, a service, or an exchange given with no expectations and no expected payback.

Find a balance within all that you create. If you find you are unable to give out freely and effortlessly due to the pressures of your own survival, then you may want to take a closer look at what material possessions or time restrictions that are keeping you from living in balance.

Go within your heart to find that balance. Feel love for all life forms and feel the Oneness with all life. When you find that “sweet spot” - that perfect balance within, you will feel the creative force of God, your Creator. And, you will bless each time you feel this love – this perfect balance - and you will want to give out this love in whatever manner is appropriate for you at that time.

Being generous or giving freely and effortlessly is that expansive feeling you get when your heart is overflowing with love. Spread it around – send it out and bless all who come in contact with this love that has no bounds – no boundaries – or restrictions on what is enough - as only your heart can tell you.

~Archangel Gabriel ~