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16 July 2012

Be Patient

Dear Ones:

Be patient. When we say great growth is occurring, this is so true. Many adjustments and changes are being undergone within your essence.

Be patient and trust. Your lighted essence is indeed magnifying and impacting your world.

Trust and be at peace.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

10 July 2012

Your Energy Imprint

Greetings, Dear Ones:

Again, we tell you – relax. Be at peace. Release the worries, the confusion, the reviews of your past, the doubts of the future.

Take in the love and light each day of God, your Creator. Feel this energy within you. Experience the expansion of your heart and the movement of your essence beyond the confines of your physical body. Know in your heart and mind your existence is beyond the physical body you think of as “Self.”

This expansiveness is the “energy imprint” you have upon your world. Take a moment each day to ignite your love and light. If you see yourself beyond the physical boundaries, you will begin to appreciate your ability to make an impact upon your environment and planet.  

Those in spirit recognize your “energy imprint.” As you develop more confidence in your abilities, you too, will recognize the grandeur of your presence on your planet and the universal contributions your presence has to the forces within God’s galaxy of creation.

All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

04 July 2012

A Calm and Perfect Peace

There will come a time when the universal factors make peace. When planets, humans, and the energies of all existence find that balance – uniting all to a oneness of creation. Think on these things – a place of perfect balance and an ease in all that transpires with synchronistic events, contacts, and energy exchanges in all life.

Now, feel this balance within you. Take this concept – this picture or image – and experience the peace within. Perceive the ease in how each day unfolds going forward. Know each soul has the ability to experience a calm and perfect peace within.

Each one is blessed and holy.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~