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10 June 2012

Ask for the God in You to Assist

The most important concept for humans to embrace is the simple truth that they are connected to God, the Creator, at all times. Separation occurs when you look at choices not through the eyes of God, but through your own fears, disappointments, and the limiting belief that you have no control or say over the outcome of your life events.

The truth, dear ones, is that you always have choices. Some may be harder to make. Some may appear to have no "good" alternatives. But, know you always have an alternative as seen as a higher perspective of the outcome. Part of choice is the lesson you learn as a result of your choices.

Drama may unfold or difficulties may result, but this may have been the choice to learn more about yourself, or another person you encounter. These insights simply may have been life decisions helping you to fulfill the life lessons to bring you to enlightenment.    

Outcomes can be experienced with “grace and ease” by looking within – asking for the God in you to assist. Listen closely to the answer. Have the courage to implement the choice. Have the faith you are divinely guided.

You are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 June 2012

"About Me" on Spiritually Speaking

Those who have been following this weblog will have noticed the picture to the left has changed. This is a lovely painting capturing the energy of Archangel Gabriel as painted by one of readers of this weblog. I personally have been looking for a picture that captured the love and energy of Archangel Gabriel, and one suddenly appeared!


Archangel Gabriel shared, “This painting is a demonstration of how you can manifest and receive. Think on how this happened…you wanted a painting for the weblog – searched high and low, and it simply was presented to you. Yes, this is how spirit works.”


So, please click on the “About Me” link and read more about this painting and the artist. New information is also expressed here about Spiritually Speaking.


With Love,