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13 February 2012

Embrace Life's Golden Opportunities

Published in Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, April 2012 Electronic issue

Greetings, Dear Ones:

You are welcome here among those who hold light and assist those in the Earth plane. You have more thoughts and ideas about your path. Know that many are assisting you. You are loved and supported even when you feel disconnected or abandoned or alone.

A spiritual path is not always the easiest path to take. One would think being fully aligned would allow one to walk with the least resistance of human trials. At this time, this path becomes more difficult. Rest easy as all that transpires is for a reason. Not what you would expect, but what is necessary for growth.

Patterns of behavior may surface – not always so pleasant or the most productive. But, dear ones, it is simply the deep seated patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and fears that need to be revealed – need to be looked at and assessed from a higher state of readiness or consciousness.

Movement along your path brings you to different experiences. Different experiences to recreate a different outcome. Chances to put in place a new insight or approach to dealing with a reoccurring feeling or circumstance. It allows you a chance to reinvent the past patterns to a more enlightened occurrence with a more benevolent outcome. Trust you are guided by an overseeing consciousness of your own essence, your own higher source or higher self – the divine self also known as the Christ self.

Go easy on yourself. See each opportunity as a new situation to practice your new knowledge or understanding to break through old blocks and resistances of past patterns. See this time as a way to embrace the whole essence as you. Embrace the “old” you and the “new” you – merging the concept that all parts of you make up the whole of you. It is not denying or labeling those times you reacted from fear; it is simply embracing the full awareness that a new pattern can indeed surface that is the “revised full package” as you. You are whole and complete just as you are with a new awareness of the full connection to the higher aspects of living humanly with Divine intent.

Do not get discouraged if your days seem more riddled with uncomfortable situations. Know it is simply a “shaking out” of the old patterns and putting in place the new awareness of living from a higher perspective.

You are loved beyond measure, loved beyond all time. Your essence is so much more than you understand in your reality. Embrace the love that surrounds you. Do not hold yourself as separate. All may achieve the full enlightenment of living with Christ consciousness.

Always trust you are worthy. Never doubt you are heavenly guided and divinely blessed. All are worthy of this recognition. It is simply the acceptance and understanding for each human to embrace. All are part of this flow of energy. There is no separation, simply a misguided understanding of how the Earthly world is created.

Yes, dear ones, believe all of this is true for you and everyone else going through the steps of aligning to their true essence. Know that this is your path for a time. Go through it more positively – more enthusiastically as to what parts of you are out of alignment. If true ascension is your desire, these are simply the areas in need of closer inspection and introspection of alignment to the Divine essence as you.

Be joyful for what is presented. Look at each instance another way to break the pattern of old reactions and beliefs. Know alignment and integration is taking place. Do not be so reluctant – embrace life’s golden opportunities.

Your light is indeed bright. You are indeed holy. Accept your essence fully. All are blessed.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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