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02 August 2011

A Quiet Meditation

Greetings, Dear Ones,


Humans today are being distracted – very easily so. Pressures around them – news media, work constraints on personal time, and the politics in general from all governing bodies.


Take time each day to clear your energy of all the debris accumulated in your auras, your thoughts, and in your emotions. And then, still the body, quiet the mind, and connect to the light of God inside you.


See yourself lighter, more relaxed, and allow the love to connect to you. Feel your heart fill and expand with the love energy. Sense a renewal of feelings, thoughts, and focused attention. Take a deep breath in; see it renewing, rejuvenating your cells, your organs and tissues. Breathe out the stress, the pain and hurts, disappointments, and discouragements. Hang on to nothing that brings you down.


Sit still in this loving space. Soak in the love and Divine light. See it recharge your light of peace within you. Feel the love, the joy, the balance it brings you. Feel the smile upon your lips and face.


Keep breathing…breathe in and breathe out. Take as much time as you as you need – as your schedule allows you. This can be a simple experience in any day; know this can be done at any time. Ask for your angelic guidance to assist in keeping this connection throughout each day.


Know by quieting the mind, stilling the body, the quiet place found in peace and love is within you.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

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