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25 May 2011

Seeking Counsel for Personal Questions

Is the Divine Self the one to ask for personal questions when the spiritual hierarchy is also available for answers?


It is wise to ask your own essence on things of a personal nature. Your Divine essence – your “spark” or “light” of God within you is your connection to the higher truths for soul learning.


Many lessons are presented to each person on their paths, but the wise teacher is the one within – the Divine Self available to each soul.


This guidance is always close at hand – it merely takes a moment to clear the physical egos from interfering.


Quiet the mind; set the intent to connect. A wise voice of spiritual counsel is there for you each time.

~ Archangel Gabriel ~

10 May 2011

Soul Missions

The world is changing at a pace that many are feeling a sense of not being able to keep up. This is part of the soul struggle – determining – making a choice - to make the shift to global consciousness – the oneness of all life that so many are talking about.


Those that struggle are asked to “dig deep” – to connect to the soul mission or spark of desire as to why they are here on Earth during this time. Some came to be a part of the movement – the instigators and initiators to raise the consciousness of mankind. Others came to simply help in the events that are necessary to bring mankind to a sense of understanding – their demonstrations are absorbed and the compassion is born within all hearts ready to receive the vision and feeling of oneness of mankind.


So, a division so to speak is occurring. Some have stepped forward – plans are activated – put into place. Others are still unsure – not knowing what role they are here to take. Trust that whatever choice is finally made – it is all correct - in Divine fashion - for as the shift is indeed here. All that is left is simply the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.


To be on Earth at this time is a fulfillment of many souls – action plans are what many are still struggling with – a sense of not knowing how to initiate – but the desire for a call to action is achieved.


More events will unfold – at some point it triggers the soul’s purpose. You will know when this happens as the knowingness will be so apparent – no sway in focus – determination and dedication will be the force that directs and drives you. Rest assured your path is a calling from deep inside you.


Make no judgments. All choices are right – there is no wrong - simply an acceptance that Divine order is the overseeing and directing force. Hearts will sing – hearts will join as one. A time of a heart-felt movement is upon you.  


May God’s love light your path. All are blessed. All are loved. Go in peace.  


My love to all,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~