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18 April 2011

Your Divine Calling

Greetings Dear Ones,


Allow choices others are making to simply unfold. Many may seem as chaotic, but it is merely a process to find the peace within – a setting up of circumstances for their own part of the transformation to take place. No judgments here. See it all as the soul choices manifesting their path.


Be calm within your own self. Many plans are being orchestrated. Yours will be activated – it will be a beat of a drum that will resonate the essence within you. You can feel it as a drum, or hear it as a horn of “Divine calling.” You will know. There will be no doubt. So, enjoy the time until your drum or horn calls you.


Go about life as you feel directed. Do not feel deprived or “hung out to dry.” There is much to accomplish in the meantime. Make choices on how you spend it. All life contributes to the whole. Ask yourself what it is you wish to do to make the most out of your life. The answer may surprise you.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

06 April 2011

Smooth Sailing on Your Soul's Path

Each soul has the potential to achieve their life plan. Some have much to go through – it appears to many as a struggle. For some, it may appear as “smooth sailing.” But, beneath the surface – there could lie a storming sea – but it is the ease and grace that the Captain navigates the waters to “skim” over the turbulences.


It is all a matter of perspective. Become a “seasoned Captain” and utilize the spiritual tools to navigate your seas. Storms may hit, and may hit often, but with your Divine self as your Captain, the stormy waters will be easily navigated.


Trust each soul is equipped to fulfill all life choices. Learn to utilize the tools – or learn the “ropes” to successfully set sail to your soul’s path.


You are dearly loved,

~ Archangel Gabriel ~