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23 January 2011

Visualization for Mother Earth Healing

My Beloveds,


The Earth as you know it is being transformed. The behind the scenes workings of what will transpire will begin to show themselves. Please note that some events may occur that will question your belief that it is for the good of all, but see each as a necessary cleansing for the remaining pockets of negative charged energies.


Continue to visualize the Earth and all its inhabitants in a state of love and light. Know that any resulting chaos is simply the release. Visualize love and light filling those spaces. Here is a visualization you may use:


In your mind’s eye, see your Earth surrounded in a transparent healing bubble. See Mother Earth in the middle with the colors of pink, violet, gold, and white within this bubble. See the colors swirling around her and clearing the negative energies. Send your love energy to assist in this process.


Slowly, very slowly begin to see the colors fade away - and what remains is your Earth filled with love, light, peace, and God’s goodness permeating its essence.


This can also be done with events occurring around the world. You can single out one event or an area of your planet and see it in the middle of the bubble. See the colors swirling,  and slowly see them fade away to the outer rim of the bubble. As the colors fade, see the changes made – the outcome becomes an area of peace, love, and joy.


The colors are healing colors – each carries its own frequency to assist in the healing of these areas. See Pink as the healing ointment, Violet as the clearing affect, Gold as the transformation - from negative to positive, and White as the essence of God’s love.


Other colors can be added as all colors have healing attributes – let your own intuitions guide you. It is through your intent – your offer to assist – this is the key. Your love and your energy will help heal situations and events on your planet.


Use this tool – this visualization – as events unfold. Know that this simple process is a way for you to help heal the Earth energies and manifest a loving, peaceful planet. Your love, your intentions will help tremendously in the outcome – the ending result.


All are blessed,


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

01 January 2011

2011 - A Season of Change

Published in Sedona Journal of EMERGENCE!, February 2011


Greetings Dear Ones,


Times are indeed changing. And, just as the seasons change, so does the evolution of earth and mankind. Through it all it is a natural progression and one that will elevate and generate a new life replacing the old with the new.


As seasons change, so does the environment of the supporting systems. There is a rebirth, a renewal, one of hope for the revealing of the future. The world as you know it is undergoing extreme changes – not so apparent as yet, but as the new year progresses many events will unfold.


My message, beloveds, is for you to simply allow changes to unfold – within yourself, your family and friends, communities, countries, and your own dear planet, Mother Earth. See these changes with a clear heart – not one of sadness or pain, but one open to the new life that unfolds. Know these changes will initiate new beginnings for many.


Those who have a clear understanding of this process, and those who can remain heart-centered within themselves in spite of what they see, know, or experience will not be drawn into the turmoil, the chaos, the surrender of life to the cause.


Many who read these words are the ones with the understanding of the progression of life on Earth. Know that your light, your souls have been placed to assist in this process. Think of it as simply a season of change, a shift of energy all in all preparing the way for the new life to transition in peace, love, and balance. 


Many have spoken; many have volunteered to assist in the process. Those in human form, as well as those in spirit, as well as Mother Earth herself, and all the life forms she supports have a hand in this seasonal shift.


Find the peace in your heart, the wisdom of your soul, and the intuitions that will prompt you for your forward movement through all change. Know many are assisting and it will be a time of many miracles that will touch many hearts, and will raise the consciousness of your planet to higher levels of understanding. 


My beloveds, tap into the love that surrounds you. It will sustain you through all that is planned and orchestrated in the year 2011. You have the spiritual tools to assist you. Many have been “in training” and the events going forward will require you to intuitively know when to use them.


As each new season begins, unfolds, and comes to a close, there is a promise of change – a shift into another new season that will be beautifully revealed. View this coming year as a season of time with purpose, transition, and renewal.


Go in Peace,


~ Archangel Gabriel ~