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28 December 2010

New Year Preparations



Preparations for the new year are being made by those in human form as well as those in spirit.


Think about what it is you truly wish to create for your new year. Call upon your guides and angels for assistance. Envision peace on Earth – an ending to all the warring – the separateness that has prevailed.


Heaven and Earth can be joined. Those in spirit and the human population can hold the same vision of an Earth where love and light will prevail.


Be joyful and mindful to where your thoughts take you. Unleash your hearts’ desires to manifest your potential in 2011.


My beloveds, you are dearly blessed.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~

05 December 2010

Outcomes of Choices

My Beloveds,


Know there are no punishments for choices. Each choice brings about lessons. At a deep soul level, you choose those lessons to grow - to prosper – in utilizing the gifts of connectedness.


Outcomes are the way you process the choices – given the spiritual tools used to work through your lessons. This may be challenging.


Bring love and light into your physical bodies each day. Ask for “The God in me to lead the way.”


~ Archangel Gabriel ~