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24 September 2010

Shifts of Frequencies

Can you shed some insight on what is happening now? There seems to be a sense of endings, separations, or simply much confusion.


There is no ending, but a shift of frequencies. You are okay – safe – trust. It is the energies of Earth right now making it more dificult to communicate on all levels - much interference.


More will be drawn to serious spiritual study. The “fun times” in playful pursuits are ending, and the real work will begin. More and more will sense this and be drawn to take whatever last minute steps to clear and heal themselves.


Food shifts will occur. Humans are now thinking about the food they eat – how it is affecting them – how it is lowering their vibrations. Those who are going to be carrying more light will instinctively be drawn to healthy eating and cooking habits. Watch – you will see it among your family and friends.


There will be a sense of “letting go” on so many levels. What you may have held on to so tightly – you may simply let go – no longer feel the need to be so consumed with what you have focused on. But, overall you will realize it is not your true path or direction. You will naturally be drawn to those things gently. There will be an ease about it all.


You will also notice family or friends will reach out to you. Your light is bright. Many are undergoing major crises and not know how to untangle the webs of fear, anger, despair, and sadness. Send them love, but do not allow them to take your light. Understand their souls are simply living out the life situations of their own creations. Each soul has their own chaos to deal with. It is playing out as planned. Lessons are being learned. Trust.


~Archangel Gabriel ~

04 September 2010

Below the Surface

What appears to the world population is not what is really occurring. More is transforming in the ethers – the cosmos – that have not transcended into your Earthly world.


So, do not focus on what you see or hear around you – events, news, personal dramas. Everything is shaking out – the old energy is being stirred up and will be around for a little while longer.


So, what can you do? Continue to see life on Earth from a positive perspective. Feel love in your heart and share it with those around you. Send it out, too, to those places in your consciousness – those places you know of in need of assistance.


Visualize a world of peace – a world where love is first and foremost. These thoughts, these visualizations will greatly affect the energies that are below the surface of your awareness, but are the manifesting changes of your future outcomes.


Trust - you are all “manifestors” and co-creators of Earthly outcomes.


~ Archangel Gabriel ~